Activate Your Main Character Energy

Many people think they just need to achieve their goals… then they will feel happier, more confident, more fulfilled. But the reality is, you need to embody that energy before you can go after your deepest longings.

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A 10-min embodiment practice so you can take on this main character role in your day-to-day life.

— amber C.

"I love this practice because it’s really encouraging me to show up as my true self and my best self; and not just in my creativity and in my work, but in my relationships and how I handle myself out in the world."

— TAylor P.

“It’s like a roadmap to your greatest desires!"

My Story

In my 15 years on stage, I watched countless performers’ lights become dimmer and dimmer as their identity became enmeshed in their work - relying on acclaim, accolades, and society’s definition of success to source their worth, their value, their fulfillment.

Through my lifelong dedication to the Divine and many spiritual pursuits, I found a way to detach from the outcomes, untangle my self-worth from my accomplishments, and fearlessly go after my dreams.

And now it’s my passion to help anyone with the ache of unfulfilled potential to do the same.

Broadway Actor Turned Soulful Ambition Coach

I'm Analisa Leaming

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