Within you is a wild, magnificent light that you haven't allowed yourself to fully claim.

And that light, your fullness, is the very essence required to claim + manifest your desires.

But you’ve been taught to distrust your light - to dim it, to play small, to deny that the truth of you is big, radiant, unstoppable, and overflowing

Reading that sentence likely causes two things to happen simultaneously: 

Your heart is bursting open, saying YES, THIS!! ALL OF THIS!!


Oh sh*t, what will people think/ What if my dreams aren’t really my dreams/ And, like, how?!?!

It’s exciting and scary, but it’s all possible with me - a midwife for birthing your dreams - on your side.

In my 15 years on stage, I watched countless performers’ lights become dimmer and dimmer as their identity became enmeshed in their work - relying on acclaim, accolades, and society’s definition of success to source their worth, their value, their fulfillment.

Through my life-long dedication to the Divine and many spiritual pursuits, I found a way to detach from the outcomes and to untangle my Being from the doing - and started to help others do the same.

I trained and received certifications in the Rewilding Method, Paradox Process, and Embodied Coaching Mastery. With each one, my passion for guiding others to their soulful path became stronger.

Broadway actor turned Soulful Ambition Coach

I'm Analisa Leaming

I moved to Denver with my growing family to be more in touch with nature.

That transition may sound seamless now, but it was anything but. The identity shedding was excruciating. And glorious.

And as my inner landscape opened up, I began experiencing a connection with my Soul that I’d always longed for. There’s now zero doubt that I’m on the right path and I am utterly in love with supporting others in finding theirs.

In 2021, I turned down what would have been my 5th Broadway show to go all in on coaching. 

This is more than thought work and changing your mindset.

This is a rewiring of the brain. Building new neural pathways. Tending to the nervous system. Awakening the dormant, creative life-force energy within your body.

This is a safe space where I’ll hold your dreams for you - even when you can’t see them. I hold a powerful, loving container where you can freely explore what’s possible.

This is tending to your shadow: your fears and the bits of yourself deemed unlovable - which is the only way to reclaim your light.

This work is held by my certifications, spiritual background, and study of embodiment, energetics, and the enneagram. I use shadow work, somatic, body-based work, and a trauma-aware approach.

I am fighting for your soul, not your ego.

Most of us are living from old programming, so having someone to help us see more objectively is extremely powerful. I will challenge you and deliver the truths I see and feel with the utmost love, respect, and humility.

Together we’ll walk you home to your full self.

"Analisa creates an environment so you feel safe to be vulnerable and connect to subconscious thoughts that might be holding you back. It’s an opportunity to shift on a deep level. To stop holding yourself back."

- erin Davie

"Thank you, Analisa, for helping me rediscover my power!"

- Elena Shaddow

"If I’m birthing a new way of being in my career, of approaching my artistic life, of relating to others in this new way of being, then just like birthing a human being, it’s always helpful to have someone right there by your side saying “you can do it."

- Laureen Smith

"The thing that keeps me coming back to Analisa is that she continues to do her own work and study so there’s always more to learn because she’s continuing to learn."

- Marissa Ghavami

This was wild. And the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was brought to my knees in a way I’ve never otherwise experienced. And we (babies + partner + doulas + midwives + doctors + me) did it! 

Two unmedicated child births

I will NEVER forget jumping out of an airplane over the Pacific Ocean in San Diego (did I mention I’m scared of heights?) After landing I felt invincible.


Okay this is the least edgy, but traveling to Lisbon and navigating public transportation in a country where I don’t speak the language was very empowering.

Solo Travel

I’m wildly imperfect. At my worst, needy, resentful, and afraid, but these are fragments of myself. I’m also wise, infectiously loving, and voracious in my pursuit of Soul.

I love doing things that scare me. Things that I’m not sure if I can do. But I want to be pushed to the edge, go beyond fear, and into expansion.

I’m Not Just a Guide; I’m a Seeker, a Risk-Taker, Devoted to Truth, Expansion, and Love

Things like:

These experiences reinforce my belief that we are powerful beyond measure

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

- marianne Williamson

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Let’s reclaim your power.