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Open your heart to what's possible and shine unapologetically.

They are the blueprint to your full potential - and a lasting impact on the world

Your Dreams Aren’t Silly or Selfish 

This is for you: 

Does This Spark Something?

I’m here to help you reclaim that light, listen to your inner voice, and act on your wildest dreams.

You want to make a difference in the world.

But you’ve been conditioned to doubt yourself - to dim your light and play within the realm of what’s practical, instead of stepping into what’s possible.

Deep within you is a big, radiant light that you haven't allowed yourself to fully claim.

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Whether that means starting a business, starring on Broadway, stepping into sacred activism, being a fully present parent, or anything in between.

Your dreams are more than goals or aspirations, they are a sacred blueprint for your destiny.

My Story

In my 15 years on stage, I watched countless performers’ lights become dimmer and dimmer as their identity became enmeshed in their work - relying on acclaim, accolades, and society’s definition of success to source their worth, their value, their fulfillment.

Through my lifelong dedication to the Divine and many spiritual pursuits, I found a way to detach from the outcomes, untangle my self-worth from my accomplishments, and fearlessly go after my dreams.

And now it’s my passion to help anyone with the ache of unfulfilled potential to do the same.

Broadway Actor Turned Soulful Ambition Coach

I'm Analisa Leaming

Soulful Ambition Circle

Private 1:1 Coaching

This 6 or 12 month coaching container is designed to help you push past what you think is possible, deeply trust your inner wisdom, and go after your dreams in a grounded, aligned way.

Imagine having an on-call midwife for birthing your deepest desires

In this supportive community, you’ll be held with love as you set down your shame, clear limiting beliefs, and explore your deepest yearnings.

A small group of devoted souls working together to go after their wildest ambitions

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Soulful Ambition explores what it means to live inside out and go after our deepest longings

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— Cherie Kaufman

"As I look at my life after 6 months of coaching with Analisa, I’m blown away at how all areas of my life have expanded… from hitting career goals to finding true inner fulfillment in the “little things”. Learning how to prioritize my deep, inner wisdom through soulful coaching has changed everything for me and was more life changing than I could’ve ever imagined."

— Colten Blair

"We are too-often conditioned to think in terms of scarcity, lack, and deprivation. Analisa is single-handedly changing this paradigm with her work, and it's not hyperbole to say she also happens to be changing peoples’ lives."

— Claire

"Analisa has this way of holding space for my dreams. When I can’t see it for myself - the way forward or the possibility of it - she’s the one holding the space and saying, “what about this?” It’s so transformative."

— Rebekkah Vega-Romero

"Working with Analisa was a game changer for me - it was exactly what I needed to take my craft and how I bring it into the world to the next level."

— laureen Smith 

"I’ve finally reconnected with the joy of the process and it’s one of the all time juiciest, yummiest things about working with Analisa. Even when it’s hard, this is the hard I’m up for. Reconnecting with the joy of the journey takes my mind and my focus off the outcome"

I don’t believe that is ever what our soul actually craves.

So much of pop culture spirituality and self-development is about “living your dream life” and having “all that you desire” with beautiful social media feeds and vision boards filled with shiny objects.

But it ends there. There’s no mention of service, of the ripple effect, of the collective.

It’s time we decondition from what we’ve been sold. We’re more isolated than ever. There is an epidemic of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. And overconsumption is killing our planet.

The Soulful Path reveals interconnectedness, equity, and justice as cornerstones of our success.

Or becoming a manifesting boss babe/bro, relentless individual growth, or monetary gain alone

The Soulful Path is Not About Fixing Yourself

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