You have big dreams, but also big self-doubts, like, ‘Am I really                  enough?’

You ache with unfulfilled potential + you’re afraid that life is passing you by.

You want more, but you don’t know where to begin + living in the unknown is terrifying.

There isn’t enough time, money, or opportunities - you’re living in lack.

You don’t trust that you’ll ever be satisfied - no matter what you achieve.

Do any of these feel like your current reality? 

You deeply trust your light + listen to your inner wisdom.

You source from within… instead of basing your self-worth on external sources.

You loosen your grip on outcomes… so you can enjoy life now.

You claim your light every day. You know it isn’t selfish - it’s what the world needs.

You know that life is happening for you + you’re exactly on time.

Can you play + imagine living this reality?

This coaching container is designed to help you blow up the box of what you think is possible, deeply trust yourself, awaken your deepest yearnings, and go after them in a grounded, aligned way

1:1 Soulful Ambition Coaching

A 6- or 12- Month Coaching Program

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— Cherie Kaufman

"As I look at my life after 6 months of coaching with Analisa, I’m blown away at how all areas of my life have expanded… from hitting career goals to finding true inner fulfillment in the “little things”. Learning how to prioritize my deep, inner wisdom through soulful coaching has changed everything for me and was more life changing than I could’ve ever imagined."

— Shiva

"Analisa will help you process your thoughts and emotions, from your head space to your heart space and then deep down into your soul and she’ll provide you with guidance on how to apply this in your daily practice with the tools that resonate best with you. "

— Rebbekah Vega Romero

"I’m finding the connecting threads [in my life] and looking at them with more compassion and radical self acceptance."

— Tara Kostmayer 

"Analisa has brought me from the mental plane to the embodied and emotional plane, she’s helped me awaken these parts of my Being."

Develop Soul-Esteem - sourcing your worth from within so that you shine unapologetically, embrace imperfections, and go toward your dreams with abandon.

To “embrace imperfections, and go after your big, wild dreams.”

Recognize and trust your inner wisdom so that you’re less reliant upon the opinions of others.

Take action upon your deepest longings: map out your goals, create timelines, develop habits that will support who you are becoming.

Journey into the aspects of yourself that you’ve deemed unlovable + discover the power within them
Redefine what success means to you + let go of societal pressure.

Practice embodiment so that you have access to your body’s wisdom/life force energy, you aren’t led solely by your mind, and you can regulate your nervous system with ease.

Move from living in probability to possibility: Rather than recreating what you already know (what’s probable) you begin to see infinite possibility, resourcefulness and potential.

By the time you finish this program, you'll:

It’s time to reclaim your dreams as the sacred blueprint for your destiny!

Self-esteem is based on the logical concept of self. We’ll go a step deeper, past the rational and the ego, to build soul-esteem. You’ll see yourself as part of the collective, connected to everything and everyone - trusting your inner wisdom and sourcing from within.

Soul Esteem

Many of us are afraid of our imperfections, our shortcomings, our weaknesses. But in order to fully shine our light, we must first embrace our shadows and the unique power they hold. Through shadow work, you’ll learn to sit with your inner cringe - so you can wholeheartedly work towards your soulful ambitions.

Embrace the Dark and Embody the Light

We'll walk the razor’s edge of these two seemingly contradictory words: Soulful Ambition. Calling back the parts of ourselves conditioned to society’s grind and external pressure. And awakening the longing in your chest that is so big it threatens to swallow you whole.

soulful ambition

Soulful Ambition

These are just a few areas we’ll focus on in our work together…

Here's How It Works:

embody light
soul esteem

A wonderful way to stay in the work + community between sessions. We hop on zoom, share an intention and get to “work.” You’ll see people meditating, dancing, singing, taking a walk, and even emptying their inbox - all with beautiful intention.

Weekly Soulful Study Hall (Optional)

It’s like having your own Doula on Call, ready to help you birth your dreams and work through the setbacks and discomfort along the way.

Unlimited Voxer Support

Meditations and embodiment practices to further support the work we’re doing.

Monthly Guided Audio Practice

We’ll meet for 75-90 minutes to explore your desires, set down your shame, clear limiting beliefs, open your heart, and take action towards your wildest longings. This is more than thought work and changing your mindset. This is a rewiring of the brain. Building new neural pathways. Tending to the nervous system. Awakening the dormant, creative life-force energy within your body. 

2x Monthly Coaching Calls

Inside you'll find:

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You’ll also get free entry into any virtual workshops hosted by Analisa during your time in the program. These 1-2 hour experiences focus on manifestation and alignment - you’ll leave feeling energized and ready to activate.

Complimentary Access to Live Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions





Although I have a background as a performer on Broadway, I love working with ambitious souls from any walk of life. If you have deep desires you’re ready to move towards in a soulfully aligned way, this is the right place for you!


I love working with performers, too. In addition to this deep soul work, I bring 15 years of professional experience in the industry and am more than happy to get into the nitty gritty of auditioning/seeking representation/coaching your rep or sides all in a soulfully aligned way.


Coaching is a co-creative process that helps people translate insight into action, adding rocket fuel to the process of achieving their goals. On the other hand, therapy is designed to treat mental illness, as well as address emotional and relational concerns. Occasionally, clients work with a therapist and me in tandem. I know what is outside my scope of practice so, if I sense getting further support would be helpful, I will recommend that. 


Yes! I LOVE working with performers. In addition to this deep soul work, I also bring 15 years of professional experience in the industry and am more than happy to get into the nitty gritty of auditioning/seeking representation/coaching your rep or sides all in a soulfully aligned way. 

what if i can't afford coaching?

My mission is to help as many people who desire my support as possible. This means making my services accessible. I use a sliding scale model and clients can select the price point that most closely aligns with their current financial circumstances.

My Story

In my 15 years on stage, I watched countless performers’ lights become dimmer and dimmer as their identity became enmeshed in their work - relying on acclaim, accolades, and society’s definition of success to source their worth, their value, their fulfillment.

Through my lifelong dedication to the Divine and many spiritual pursuits, I found a way to detach from the outcomes, untangle my self-worth from my accomplishments, and fearlessly go after my dreams.

And now it’s my passion to help anyone with the ache of unfulfilled potential to do the same.

Broadway Actor Turned Soulful Ambition Coach

I'm Analisa Leaming

Let’s Walk You Home To Your Self

A place where you trust your inner wisdom and wholeheartedly pursue your wildest dreams

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