You source your sense of self-worth from within - opening you up to more possibilities and freeing up your time for aligned action.

You deeply trust yourself. You’ve identified ways of being and steps to take to realize your true potential.

You live in abundance. You know that life is happening for you and you are exactly on time.

You feel supported, seen, and held by a group of amazing humans! The power of community has helped anchor your dreams in a way that you abundantly flourish.

Through seeing other members journey’s you realize that you aren’t alone (you’ve not been left behind) and through the inner work you trust that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

After the circle:

You feel like a lone wolf on your path of big dreams and long for deep connection and community.

You feel like you’re behind in life, you’ve missed the boat or the memo, and aren’t where you’re supposed to be.

You constantly worry about what others think and whether your dreams are realistic. You let society define your success.

You ache for more. You want to make a difference, but you don’t know where to start.

You live in scarcity. You don’t have enough time, energy, or money to get what you want.

Before the circle:

Transformation is Just a Few Steps Away!

This is a small group of 6-10 devoted souls taking action upon their deepest longings. It’s a space to practice taking up space, shining brightly + imperfectly, and to receive. A space to gently work through all the crunchy discomfort that may arise on your journey to realizing your soulful ambitions. A space to explore your desires, set down your shame, clear limiting beliefs, and open your heart.

A 6-Month Small Group Program

Soulful Ambition Circle


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"It’s crazy how much more productive, inspired, creative, and just ON IT I am after your soulful study halls. I just finished a piece of writing that I’ve been banging my head against for three days, in an hour and a half! It feels so good, like play rather than work. It’s creation for the joy of creation. Thank you, Analisa!"

- Leona

"Analisa has a way of creating a safe, trusting environment. Thank you, Analisa, for helping me rediscover my power!"

- Elena Shaddow

"When I’m doing this work I feel more like the Soulful Being I want to be."

- Claire Leyden

"Analisa creates an environment so you feel safe to be vulnerable and connect to subconscious thoughts that might be holding you back. It’s an opportunity to shift on a deep level. To stop holding yourself back."

- Erin Davie

60 min gatherings to do whatever you’re feeling led towards in a soulful way. (You’ll see people meditating, dancing, singing, taking a walk, or even emptying their inbox - all with beautiful intention.)

Weekly Soulful Study Halls (optional)

Meditations, embodiment practices, and journaling each month to further support the work we’re doing.

Monthly Guided Audio Practice

We’ll meditate, practice rituals, and have opportunities for individual spotlight coaching.

2x monthly small-group gatherings

Inside You'll Find:

To collaborate, share, celebrate, and ask for support.

A private Slack channel

Complimentary entry to any live workshops Analisa holds during the six-month container.

Complimentary entry to live workshops

Join a Community of Souls Working Together to Reclaim Their Power

It’s time to show up as your full self

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