5.1.24 | 2pm - 6pm | NYC 

This workshop is anyone who is ready to come into a new relationship with their deepest desires. 

Whether that be claiming the bigness of your dreams, allowing yourself to believe it's possible, knowing that you're worthy and deserving, or turning up the heat, passion, and aliveness rather than the habitual everyday action...

In this immersive four-hour workshop we'll utilize:
  • Storytelling
  • Embodiment/Somatic Practices
  • Inner Journeying
  • Journal Prompts + Self Reflection
  • Group Discussion
  • In Order to: 
  • Build the capacity to feel safe yearning and desiring
  • Connect with our deepest desires
  • Explore and Integrate the shadow (the fear holding us back)
  • Awaken sexual/creative energy as the fuel for your ambitions
  • Unleash Your Star Power

  • You'll leave with a renewed sense of your purpose and connection to your inner strength, empowering you to pursue your deepest desires and leave a meaningful mark on the world.

    Harnessing Sexual Energy & Soulful Ambition to Achieve your Deepest Longings

    Unlocking the Power of Desire

    Facilitated by Analisa Leaming and Lauren Rogers, CHSE

    Lauren Elise Rogers:
    As a Certified Holistic Sexuality Educator with over 20 years of storytelling experience, Lauren delights in creating containers of safety that enable her students to sit in discomfort while they reclaim the wisdom of their bodies and free themselves of the shame that so often clouds desire.

    Analisa Leaming: 
    An Embodied Coaching Master, Certified ReWilding Method Facilitator, and Certified Paradox Process Facilitator with over 15 years of stage experience, Analisa is here to wake herself and her clients up to who they really are: Divine Beings that are powerful beyond measure. 


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    $175 After April 15th 

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    Accessible, 1-2 hour doses of inspiration.

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    Virtual Workshops

    In celebration of this brand new website + the launch of my podcast Soulful Ambition I’m throwing a FREE event to share my personal practices to step into your star power and go after your wild dreams.

    Unleash Your Main Character Energy this Spring Equinox

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    1pm PST/4pm EST 90 minutes on Zoom

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    "Analisa has a way of creating a safe, trusting environment. Thank you, Analisa, for helping me rediscover my power!"

    - Elena Shaddow