When Your Desires Feel Dangerous

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Episode Highlights:

  • Noticing in the body if it feels safe to dream big
  • Building a healthy relationship with your desires
  • How to cultivate the practice of feeling your longing
  • Allowing your desire to be the fuel for your deepest longing
  • Being turned ON by your own desire 

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Analisa shows up in a real and transparent way and unpacks in real time how she’s feeling disconnected from her dreams. 

Through her own example, Analisa talks about giving yourself permission to notice if it even feels same to long deeply, to be where you are, to begin to embody your desire and fully inhabit your current space. Drawing from her heartfelt experience, she unveils the transformative power of slowing down, feeling deeply, and nurturing the relationship with your desires. Living from a place of soulful alignment is about embracing your longing and taking action from a place of authenticity, clarity, and resonance. 

Analisa then invites you to self reflect on your current relationship with your desire. Do you trust it? How can you nurture this relationship? 

Finally, Analisa shares a practice to begin to become turned on by your passion. Your desires are the fuel that propels you forward with energy and vitality. So, learn how to tap into your desire and allow yourself to be guided by the energy that lights you up and inspires each step toward realizing your aspirations.

This is an episode for anyone longing to build a relationship with their desires, get clear on what they really want, and go after their dream or vision! 

Soulful Ambition is a show for big dreamers about choosing to live inside out & acting upon your deepest longings, from starting your dream business to starring on Broadway, from sacred activism to being a radiant, aligned parent, and everything in between. The manifestation of your desires is your destined path and the medicine and magic that the world needs.

April 16, 2024

Analisa Leaming

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