Moving from Auto-Pilot to Main Character Energy w/ Leona Waller

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Episode Highlights: 

  • The power of Sisterhood
  • Online dating as a catalyst for shadow work 
  • Giving your most cringe-y bits a moment to express 
  • Our default mode vs Our Main Character Energy 
  • Blowing your own mind with what’s possible! 

Episode Summary:

Join soul sisters Analisa and Leona for this casual yet beautiful conversation where they share their own current struggles from panic attacks to victim mentality and the tools they are using to move through them. 

They once again share about the power of shadow work as well as the power to choose to step into your Main Character Energy. They offer tangible tools to begin using in your life today making it a valuable listen for anyone on a Soulful path.

Leona Waller is a neuroscientist turned embodiment facilitator and revolutionist. 

Follow her on Instagram and read her brilliant writing on substack

Soulful Ambition is a show for big dreamers about choosing to live inside out & acting upon your deepest longings. From starting your dream business to starring on Broadway, from sacred activism to being a radiant, aligned parent and everything in between. The manifestation of your desires is your destined path and the medicine and magic that the world needs.

April 30, 2024

Analisa Leaming

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