Taking Action Toward Your Audacious Dreams w/ Brian Patacca

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Episode Highlights: 

  • What is  “Soulful Ambition”
  • Learning to Listen to that Still Small Voice Within
  • Knowing Your Resistance 
  • The Powering of Centering Whomever Your Serving
  • Just get started! 

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Analisa interviews Brian Patacca, a powerhouse in the realm of creative coaching and entrepreneurship. With a subscriber base of 25,000 people for his newsletter and a podcast that ranks among the top 1% globally, Brian is the CEO of Team BKP. Over the past two decades, he has mastered the art of helping creative professionals attain their goals with minimal suffering. His methods blend sharp marketing and branding strategies with spiritual and grounding approaches, derived from his training as a non-denominational Reverend. This blend allows creatives to follow their true purposes, breaking free from limiting industry norms and personal beliefs.

Analisa asks Brian to define what Soulful Ambition means to him and what unfolds is an entire conversation around just that and what arises as you begin to take action upon your deepest longings. They both share how resistance shows up for them (which it does when you reach for the stars!) and how they work with it. Analisa asks Brian how he stands in his radiance and shares his light and he shares such a beautiful perspective that you won’t want to miss. This is the perfect episode for anyone that needs a soulful pep talk to get started or take action towards their audacious dreams! 

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Soulful Ambition is a show for big dreamers about choosing to live inside out & acting upon your deepest longings. From starting your dream business to starring on Broadway, from sacred activism to being a radiant, aligned parent and everything in between. The manifestation of your desires is your destined path and the medicine and magic that the world needs.

May 14, 2024

Analisa Leaming

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