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Episode Highlights: 

  • From Atheism to all things subconscious, energetic + mysterious
  • The beauty of embracing grief, rage + pain 
  • Practical embodiment practices to move stuck emotions + energy 
  • The four biggest fears causing you to reject your fullness 
  • The gifts of the inner critic, imposter, and saboteur 

Episode Summary:

Analisa invited dear friend and soul sister, Leona Waller, to unpack last week’s episode around shadow work to make it even more practical and applicable to listeners’ everyday life. Leona shares her journey from neuroscience to becoming an embodiment facilitator and how she went from a devout atheist to being devoted to her own soul and shadow work. Analisa and Leona share how they recognize their shadowselves and different tools and practices they both use to integrate the dark, uncomfortable, painful parts of their human. Embodiment is a big piece of their discussion and listeners will leave with an understanding of what it is and ways to practice it today! They turn the discussion to our four main fears: humiliation, alienation, loss, and persecution and how to reframe them as initiations to build the stamina to shine! 

Leona Waller is a neuroscientist turned embodiment facilitator and revolutionist. Follow her on Instagram and read her brilliant writing on substack.

April 2, 2024

Analisa Leaming

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