Embrace Your Shadows + Claim Your Light w/ Xavier Dagba

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Episode Highlights: 

  • From a PhD to washing dishes
  • Integrative Thinking rather than positive thinking 
  • Shadow work: repression to expression
  • The bridge between our human selves and our Divinity 
  • Understanding our Golden Shadow

Episode Summary:

In this episode Soulful Ambition host Analisa interviews Xavier Dagba, a life coach, shadow work facilitator and mystic. Xavier shares his journey of leaving his PhD program to follow his inner calling, facing fears of failure and rebuilding from humble jobs washing dishes. Through experiencing his own health issues and repressions, Xavier came to shadow work, integrating the darkness to clear trauma and embody wholeness. Now with a large following, Xavier stresses integrating all parts of oneself, using “integrative thinking” to move collective evolution forward. He and Analisa discuss welcoming your pain and discovering the balance between accepting where you are and excitement for where you want to be. Listen to learn tools to connect to your highest self and navigate your career from a fully aligned place.

Xavier Dagba is also a shadow work facilitator, writer and mystic, and the founder of GoldenShadow.co, where he offers transformative online courses and workshops. Known for helping people heal and integrate their fragmented parts to fully embody their power, Xavier is considered a leader in the field of shadow work. His “Awaken Your Golden Shadow” course has supported thousands in overcoming obstacles through doing the deep inner work required to live fully alive.

Take the course and learn more about Xavier here and follow him on Instagram.

March 26, 2024

Analisa Leaming

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