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Episode Highlights:

✨ How to be sourced from within

✨ Coming to our art fed

✨ Sitting with our fear instead of judging it

✨ Connecting with your creative spark

✨ Is your big dream soul or ego?

In this episode Analisa sits with her teacher of the ReWilding Method, Sabrina Lynn. When Analisa asked Sabrina to be on her podcast she said, “I feel like this could be a giant soul retrieval for the collective starving artist.” And so many of us have the starving artist within, not just those pursuing it as a career. Within each of us is a sacred flame and desire to create and Sabrina speaks to that. In this powerful episode, Sabrina shares her own process of creating her business from a place of truly not caring and how to be with your attachments to the outcome. You don’t want to miss this episode! 

Soul Nourishment from this episode:

Learn more about Sabrina and Rewilding Here. 

Two Podcast episodes we referenced:

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March 7, 2024

Analisa Leaming

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