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Listen to the episode: Watch the episode on YouTube: Episode Highlights:  Episode Summary: In this episode Soulful Ambition host Analisa interviews Xavier Dagba, a life coach, shadow work facilitator and mystic. Xavier shares his journey of leaving his PhD program to follow his inner calling, facing fears of failure and rebuilding from humble jobs washing […]

Listen to the episode: Episode Highlights: How to be sourced from within Coming to our art fed Sitting with our fear instead of judging it Connecting with your creative spark Is your big dream soul or ego? In this episode Analisa sits with her teacher of the ReWilding Method, Sabrina Lynn. When Analisa asked Sabrina […]

Listen to the episode: Episode Highlights:  In this episode Analisa has a beautiful conversation with her friend, Lauren Elise about her journey to becoming a Sex Educator. Lauren shares her journey from purity culture to fully embracing pleasure and sexuality. Throughout the episode are tangible practices to begin to awaken your own connection with your […]

Listen to the episode: Inside this episode Analisa opens up about:  After a 3 year hiatus, A Balancing Act is back.  Analisa didn’t know if there ever would be another season, but a couple months ago something within made it clear that it was time. She has A LOT to share and in this first episode […]

Listen to the Episode: Episode Highlights:  Episode Summary This week’s solo episode is a powerful exploration of an expansive question: what if your human aspects (fear, self-doubt, anxiety) aren’t a problem to be fixed? Analisa brings her wild and silliest self to guiding you through choosing to love those Little Self expressions. This episode can […]

Broadway Actor turned Soulful Ambition Coach

Analisa Leaming

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"This is THE best podcast! I can’t wait every week for a new episode. It is full of helpful gems that you can take with you for personal and professional growth. I use it to keep me focused and grounded and in tune with myself. Love it!"

"So good and grounding"

Kelsey B.

"I can’t begin to tell you what a profound impact this podcast has made on my life, not only as an artist, but also as a human being. Analisa and her guests have given me such inspiration, guidance, as well as awesome tips and tricks."

"Incredibly Helpful and Enlightening"

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