Storytelling Beyond the Stage, Creativity + Sexuality with Lauren Elise

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Episode Highlights: 

  • Returning to your fullness
  • Reclaiming your wild way and your power 
  • Returning to your body and awakening a connection with your creative life force/sexual energy
  • How we’ve been taught to shut off our own body wisdom
  • The connection between creativity and sexuality

In this episode Analisa has a beautiful conversation with her friend, Lauren Elise about her journey to becoming a Sex Educator. Lauren shares her journey from purity culture to fully embracing pleasure and sexuality. Throughout the episode are tangible practices to begin to awaken your own connection with your body and your sexual energy. Lauren shares powerfully why we have become so disconnected and the importance of reclaiming your fullness. Finally, they discuss the connection between creativity and sexuality. 

Learn about and connect with Lauren here. 

March 7, 2024

Analisa Leaming

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